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Karate Ireland is the Governing body for Karate within the Irish Martial Arts Commission (IMAC). Karate Ireland promote understanding and training in, the Martial and Spiritual Arts of Karate, in all their styles, on both a local, national and International level. Karate Ireland endeavour to foster and improve the communications, understanding and co-operation between the various organisations, clubs and individuals within the Irish Karate community. In essence what we uniquely provide is a platform, an opportunity, for all styles of Karate to compete Nationally within the Karate Ireland organisation.

Our prestigious and very successful Karate Ireland National Championships is an open event which is now in its 15th plus year.  The hugely popular tournament is open to all Karate-Ka, for example, whether your club practices “Shotokan” “Wado” “Shorin Ryu” “Kenpo” etc…we are the only organisation that provides a safe, secure and competitive sporting environment where members can compete against other Karate-Ka in both Kumite and Kata, including our new weapons “Kobudo” section, for an Irish National Title. We have also added an Inclusive section, as we believe that by supporting meaningful participation in sport we can help him/her in reaching their full potenial. It is also important to state that the National Championship is also open to non-member clubs (slight increase in entry fee). We also provide access for our members to compete at European and World competitions through our membership of the IKU Worldwide Karate Federation.

The pinnacle for us as an organisation was successfully hosting the IKU World Karate Championships in Kilkenny October 2017 where we had the largest squad ever assembled with almost 100 competitors registered for Team Ireland.

We are also looking forward to our 2023 Open National Karate Championships due to be held later this year in the SETU WATERFORD SPORTS CAMPUS Sunday 26th November 2023.  We would like to take this opportunity to invite all Karateka to join with us as these Championships are open to all disciplines,  any club regardless of what federation you are affiliated can enter the Nationals without being a member of our organisation.

Listed below are the exclusive services we offer our clubs through the membership programme.

· IMAC National Garda Vetting Programme

· Recognised Coaching Ireland qualifications

· Anti-Doping polices

· Code of Ethics for Young People in Sport

· First Aid Courses

· Access to National & International Competition

· Referee course

. Club Insurance for Members


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